Financial Alliance for Racial Equity Digital Marketing Strategy

Increasing Racial Diversity within the Financial Services Industry

In September 2020, while the U.S. grappled with the social issues plaguing our country, FARE was launched — a coalition of financial services firms, industry organizations, and historically Black colleges and universities. FARE’s mission is to increase racial diversity, drive greater equity, and foster inclusion within the financial services industry

The Challenge

FARE wanted the messaging on its site to convey a more straightforward narrative and make the organization’s goals clearer. FARE needed a rebrand to create a cohesive design across multiple platforms. Its existing website was light on content like testimonials and event descriptions, and its overall online presence was lacking. It also wanted to strategically ramp up its social media channels to facilitate new partnerships with financial services companies and deliver messages to students about scholarship opportunities.

What We Did

  • Consulting
  • Rebranding
  • Website Design
  • Graphic Design

Our Solution

We created a more robust wireframe for FARE’s website that was more intuitive for site visitors to navigate and contained the scope of FARE’s desired messaging. Our content strategy and digital marketing materials were coordinated across FARE’s website, social media, and publications to market to their target audiences consistently. Individualized branding for in-person recruiting events and specialized social campaigns — such as FARE’s Juneteenth campaign — gave each event a feeling of significance.

FARE received 1) a website that effectively communicated the organization’s goals and 2) marketing collateral that was consistent across all marketing channels. Its brand is more recognizable now, and it has been able to reach more of its target audience.

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